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Forum Flow Meter System

Available for rental/hire from Ashtead Technology - the Forum Flow Meter System.

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The 0-20lpm 690bar flow meter system combines a flow meter with a standard universal subsea display to locally display a flow value subsea. The flow meter is rated to a maximum
of 690bar working pressure and 20lpm maximum flow. The system is supplied with a battery for powering the display, but the unit can also be supplied power direct from the ROV, there
is a flying lead supplied in the kit to allow for this option.

The USD uses ultra-efficient LED types, a very low power processor and sophisticated power switching regulators which, together, mean it can operate from a wide DC voltage input range, requiring very low current and equally able to operate from ROV supply or from battery. In addition, it has a software configurable sleep mode with option to wake up on sensor activity or from the light sensor on the front face.

  • Flow range 0-20lpm / 0-5.2gpm
  • Pressure rating 690bar / 10,000psi max
  • Rated to 3000m / 9842ft ocean depth
  • Complete system mounted in compact unit
  • Pumping operations
  • Injection operations