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Forum High Flow Hot Stab

Available for rental/hire from Ashtead Technology - the Forum High Flow Hot Stab.

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The high flow stabs have larger ports than can be created within the ISO Type A and B dimensions; however they use a similar, but enlarged, profile for optimum mating characteristics. In common with all PSS hot stabs, the male has a PTFE coating to minimize the risk of galling.

The minimum flow path is 12mm through all ports, giving a minimal pressure drop, even at flows above 50lpm (13gpm). Specific flow rates depend on fluid viscosity and temperature.

The 3-port version is ideal for hydraulic operation of subsea winches where the third port can be used to take the drain return. Sealing check valves can be fitted externally.

The range includes dummy stabs and pressure plugs and ports can be supplied to user preference.

  • Up to 80lpm / 21.1gpm
  • 207bar / 3,000psi
  • Integral sealing valves
  • Pressure balanced
  • Subsea QD operations
  • Chemical & gas injection
  • Flooding & venting operations
  • High-flow tooling operations