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Forum Modular IHPU

Available for rental/hire from Ashtead Technology - the Forum Modular IHPU.

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A High capacity intermediate hydraulic power unit designed to give isolated hydraulic power with directional control. The IHPU consists of a hydraulic motor equipped with a flow control and pilot to open check, which drives a hydraulic pump. The high pressure output of the pump is feed into a manifold that is equipped with a 20 micron filter, off load dump valve, a pressure relief valve, and a directional control valve.

  • 210bar / 3045psi output
  • Directional control on output
  • Integrated filter unit
  • Input flow can be set depending on output required
  • Can be supplied as part of skid tooling package with reservoirs
  • Input PO check valve
  • Input flow control valve
  • Output pressure relief valve 40-275bar / 580-3988psi
  • Hydraulically piloted NG10
  • directional control valve on output
  • Hot stab operations
  • ROV tooling operations