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Forum Suction Skid

Available for rental/hire from Ashtead Technology - the Forum Suction Skid.

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The suction anchor skid is used for suction pile operations. The skid comprises of an aluminium skid frame with buoyancy, a zip pump, a high-flow manifold, control manifold and optional flow meter.

The high-flow manifold is an auxilary manifold that connects to the standard torque tool control system. The manifold contains an NG6 bi-directional proportional pressure and flow control and an NG10 proportional pressure and flow control valve. Also in the manifold is a differential pressure sensor used for suction pile operations. The manifold has an input for a optional flow meter. The standard torque tool control sytem software controls and displays readings from the manifold. Additionally input from an external gyro can be displayed on the software for suction pile operations.

  • Aluminium frame skid
  • Tritech AnchorZIP 10 pump
  • Differential pressure sensor
  • Flow meter
  • Control manifold
  • Laptop controlled
  • Docking latches
  • Deploy large suction anchors
  • Recover large suction anchors