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Imenco OE10-103 Rotator

Available for rental/hire from Ashtead Technology - the Imenco OE10-103 Rotator

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Imenco’s OE10-103 is a multi-purpose rotator unit offering exceptional torque, positioning performance and durability. This all electric rotator has been designed for positioning of cameras, lights and mechanical scanning sonar in subsea applications.

The OE10-103 utilises an innovative harmonic drive gearing system and a 9-bit digital encoder to provide exceptional output torque (35 Nm @ 24 VDC) and a reliable & repeatable positioning accuracy (±2°) with minimal backlash.

The OE10-103 is available in two control configurations, either RS232 or RS485 (half duplex) serial digital link.

An intuitive graphical user interface is supplied with the OE10-103, giving full rotator control, use of ‘Goto’ functions, variable output speed and user defined end stops.

The internal electronic assembly is protected within a compact and ruggedised oil filled housing, manufactured from 316L stainless steel and incorporating a bladder style pressure compensator for reliable deep-water operation to 6000msw.

  • 24 VDC input
  • High torque output
  • RS232 or RS485 serial control
  • 6000msw depth rating
  • Directing camera, lights and mechanical scanning sonar in a subsea environment