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Imenco OE15-108 Mini Monochrome Observation Camera

Available for rental/hire from Ashtead Technology - the Imenco OE15-108 Mini Monochrome Observation Camera.

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The OE15-108 / 109 Mini Monochrome Camera is available in both CCIR and EIA RS 170A video outputs.

This mono CCD camera provides cost effective general purpose under water viewing whilst maintaining compact dimensions.

The OE15-108 / 109 is robustly constructed with a tough, marine grade aluminium alloy pressure housing rated to 3,000 msw operating depth.

The camera has a fixed focus lens with a 73° diagonal angle of view in water and a focal range of 200 mm to infinity, which makes it ideally suited to custom tooling applications, TMS monitoring, diver deployed tasks, process monitoring and ROV manipulator wrist camera applications.

  • High resolution CCD
  • Compact dimensions
  • Cost effective
  • 3,000 msw aluminium alloy housing
  • ROV manipulator wrist camera
  • Tooling
  • Non-critical underwater viewing
  • TMS monitoring
  • Diver helmet mounting