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Kongsberg HiPAP 350P USBL System

Available for rental/hire from Ashtead Technology - the Kongsberg HiPAP 350P USBL System.

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Used in the survey and ROV industries, this portable acoustic positioning system is used in the demanding SSBL market. The HiPAP® 350P is a high-accuracy SSBL/LBL and MULBL system with a range capacity down to 3000m. The HiPAP® 350P is a compact transducer containing the transceiver and a high accuracy motion reference unit. The transducer can be tilted without extra calibration as the MRU automatically compensates for the tilt. It is designed to be mounted on a shaft over the side or through a moon pool.

  • 56 transponder channels
  • Hull unit for transducer deployment Windows XP® based operating system
  • Receive frequency band: 27,0 – 30,5 kHz
  • Telemetry frequency band: 24,5 – 27,0 kHz
  • Transmit frequency band: 21,0 – 24,5 kHz
  • Comprehensive on-line help
  • Automatic transducer alignment calibration
  • Compensation for ray-bending Display of ray-bending
  • External Depth sensor interface
  • Position and angle alarm limits
  • Responder mode Telegram output to dynamic positioning system
  • Telegram output to survey system
  • Transponder Telemetry for full utilization
  • DGPS Interface
  • Acoustic beam pointing control
  • Super-short base line
  • Long base line
  • Multi vessel positioning
  • LBL for subsea construction