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Kongsberg Mesotech 1071 Series

Available for rental/hire from Ashtead Technology - the Kongsberg Mesotech 1071 Series.

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The 1071 Series of Sonar Heads are small, light weight and designed for deep ocean applications. These sonar heads feature lower current draw, and improved angle/range resolution over the previous 971 versions. The transducer is protected within an oil-filled, pressure compensating dome. The telemetry is RS485 and RS232 compatible and is automatically sensed and configured at start up to match the telemetry link used.

The sonar head is compatible with the MS 900D and MS 1000 surface processors and can be operated in multiple head configurations when RS485 telemetry is used.

  • Increased front-end receiver band-width with variable and adaptive sampling for improved images
  • Adaptive gain for profile bottom lock
  • Downloadable TVGs
  • Transmit power control
  • Selectable head/data display projection
  • Automatic sonar head ID
  • Modular, surface mount boards
  • Improved trasmit power
  • Improved signal gain
  • Auto-sensing industry-standard digital telemetry formats
  • Marine engineering & site inspection
  • Underwater search and recovery