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Kongsberg Mesotech MS 1000 Sonar Processing Software

Available for rental/hire from Ashtead Technology - the Kongsberg Mesotech MS 1000 Sonar Processing Software.

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Kongsberg Mesotech MS1000 Sonar Processing Software is a Microsoft® Windows based application that can be configured to control the complete line of Kongsberg Mesotech Ltd digital scanning sonars and altimeters via industry standard telemetry interfaces. Kongsberg Mesotech MS1000 software installation includes both MS 1000 Express and MS 1000 Standard Edition. The MS 1000 Express does not require a security key (dongle) to run a sonar head. The MS 1000 Standard Edition requires a dongle to run a sonar head with enhanced features. Both versions will playback recorded files without a dongle. The MS 1000 software converts a standard PC into a full function sonar processor without the need for additional boards or hardware.

  • Data storage to hard drive or any device supported by the operating system
  • Multiple sonar head and profiler operation
  • Data logging capability for both sonar heads and external sensors
  • Ping synchronisation and display fusion of profile data
  • External data input or output through the serial ports
  • Target measurements tools and detailed annotation
  • Flexible user interface structure
  • ROV obstacle avoidance
  • ROV pipeline profiling
  • Underwater inspection
  • Offshore decommissioning
  • Search and recovery
  • Diver safety