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Kongsberg OE14-112 Continuous Rotate & Tilt Zoom Camera

Available for rental/hire from Ashtead Technology - the Kongsberg OE14-112 Continuous Rotate & Tilt Zoom Camera.

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The OE14-112 (PAL) and OE14-113 (NTSC) color cameras offer a wide range of features in a versatile viewing package. The camera uses the latest Super HAD and DSP technology giving excellent light sensitivity and image definition.

Close-up inspection capability is obtained by using a 10x (40x with digital) magnification for powerful long-range viewing. The innovative rotate and tilt mechanism allows the camera to continuously rotate through 360° whilst allowing 180° of tilt movement. This allows the camera to be used in a restricted space or in a multi-role environment where the camera must address multiple tasks.

The unique IR remote control allows long line drive and camera control set-up. Camera control can be single wire tristate, two wire bi-polar, RS485 or CAN bus. The Graphical User Interface provides the control of extensive camera functionality via the RS485 link.

In addition, a built-in field memory allows long time exposure, snap-shot capability and 4x digital zoom. The camera can also be given an ID number together with Time and Date

  • 10:1 zoom lens
  • Text insertion
  • Serial control with position feedback
  • Close up inspection tasks
  • Restricted space operations
  • Tooling skid applications
  • ROV umbilical monitoring