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Kongsberg Seatex Seapath 200 System

Available for rental/hire from Ashtead Technology - the Kongsberg Seatex Seapath 200 System.

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Accuracy, reliability and simplicity are now more than ever essential features for equipment used in demanding marine operations. Advancements in areas such as hydro acoustic positioning and seabed mapping systems mean auxiliary equipment must keep up. Within these considerations as the measure of our success, Seatex is pleased to present the third generation Seapath. Building on fifteen years of design and field experience with inertial and GPS technologies, this generation Seapath 200 highlights our commitment to supplying the most precise, reliable and easy-to-use heading, attitude and positioning sensor ever!

  • 0.02° in documented roll and pitch dynamic accuracy
  • No accuracy degradation in roll, pitch and heave measurements during turns
  • Robust against GPS dropouts with IMU sensor-based backup
  • Reliable and robust DGPS position ensured by combining up to six different correction signals
  • Supports EGNOS/WAAS (SBAS) corrections
  • Highly accurate heading during and after turns compared to heading from standard gyrocompasses
  • All data have the same time stamp and the output is available in real-time
  • Outputs on RS-232, RS-422 and Ethernet
  • 100 Hz update rate
  • Simple and error free installation ensured by using the graphical configuration software
  • System performance specification extensively tested and verified with a Honeywell INS system as the reference system