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Nortek AWAC - 600KHz

Available for rental/hire from Ashtead Technology - the Nortek AWAC - 600KHz.

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The AWAC 600 kHz ADCP has become the standard reference technology in submerged wave-measurement applications. Thousands of these ADCPs have been deployed to capture the full wave spectrum in combination with current profiles. With a 60 m maximum range for wave measurements and 2 Hz sampling of the surface elevation, the AWAC 600 kHz is the optimal tool for medium water-depth current and wave measurements.

  • Real-time current profiles and waves to 50m range
  • Acoustic surface tracking (AST) with vertical beam
  • Can be used both with fixed frames and subsurface buoys
  • Online measurements of currents and waves
  • Design data for planning of new coastal structures
  • Site studies for offshore wind platforms
  • Coastal erosion studies
  • Measurement campaigns where the full wave spectrum is needed
  • Monitoring of transient waves for channel wall protection
  • Studies of tidal currents