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Oceaneering Compact Torque Tool

Available for rental/hire from Ashtead Technology - the Oceaneering Compact Torque Tool

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The compact torque tool is based on long operational experience and designed to operate all ISO 13628-8 Class 1-4 interfaces.

This compact, stand-alone unit operates the entire ISO 13628-8 class 1-4 range without requiring motor change outs. This tool is ideal for operations where multiple end effectors or different torque motors are needed. It effectively saves operational time by eliminating ROV trips to the surface previously required to complete changes to end effectors or motors.

The tool’s integrated display provides torque and turn readings. It can be delivered with a 3-line stab with integrated mechanical check valves and infrared transmittal of data. This will enable the tool to be operated by use of a remote control system even when launched separately from the work class ROV.

The torque tool expands the ROVs operational capability, resulting in improved continuity, longer operational hours, less wear and tear, and better economy.

  • Operates full torque range (ISO 13628-8 class 1-4) without change of hydraulic motor
  • Compact design - 21.7 in total length
  • Torque and turn counter display
  • Indicators for torque mode (low/high)
  • Subsea interchangeable end effectors
  • Interface for body latch and fin latch
  • Mechanical counter/position indicator directly from end effector
  • Class 1-4 valve operations
  • Paddle valve operations
  • Limited space valve operations