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Olympus FlexoFORM Scanner

Available for rental/hire from Ashtead Technology - the Olympus FlexoFORM Scanner.

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The FlexoFORM™ scanner solves the challenges of pipe elbow inspection and enables 100% coverage with intuitive C-scan imaging. Incorporating Olympus’ flexible array probe technology, the FlexoFORM scanner solution can map corrosion in pipe elbows from 4.5 in. OD and up. The FlexoFORM scanner features a water column with a foam gasket that contours to the pipe’s inner concave (intrados) and outer convex (extrados) curves, for optimum coupling and a reliable signal.

The flexible array is shaped by the wedge to sit concentric to the elbow’s surface, enabling the use of simple 0-degree focal laws, similar to inspecting a flat surface. The water wedge can be changed in seconds and is the only part that differs from one diameter to the other. The scanner and flexible probes are designed to cover the entire range of diameters, making the FlexoFORM scanner a versatile and cost-effective solution.

  • Quickly measure the wall thickness of elbows
  • 100% elbow coverage for a high probability of detection
  • High-resolution data (1 mm × 1 mm)
  • Intuitive 2D C-scan imaging
  • Built-in encoder for scan direction
  • Smart indexer button positioned on the scanner
  • Same probe and scanner are used to cover the entire range of diameters
  • Magnetic wheels minimise the operator’s physical input
  • Water wedges for a wide range of pipe diameters
  • Constant water column
  • Corrosion mapping on pipe elbows