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Olympus Glider X-Y Scanner

Available for rental/hire from Ashtead Technology - the Olympus Glider X-Y Scanner.

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The GLIDER X-Y Scanner is a 2-axis encoding scanner for the manual inspection of slightly curved or flat composite surfaces. The scanner is well suited for raster scanning with the following technologies:

Conventional ultrasonics (UT)
Phased array ultrasonics (PAUT)
Eddy current (EC)
Eddy current array (ECA)

Commonly inspected materials include composites and aluminum, using suction-cup pods; and carbon steel, using optional magnetic pods.

  • Techniques: Conventional, Phased Array, Composite
  • Pipe size from: Flat
  • Probes: Single
  • Two axes with waterproof encoders for position-encoded X-Y scan and axis positioning with minimal backlash
  • Inspection of composites
  • Inspection of airplane fuselages for delamination and cracking
  • Inspection of ferromagnetic plates for corrosion
  • Inspection of friction stir welds (FSW) on aluminum