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Phoenix ISL Bracelet ToFD & Phased Array Scanner

Available for rental/hire from Ashtead Technology - the Phoenix ISL Bracelet ToFD & Phased Array Scanner.

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Suitable for use on welds from 0.5” upwards, the Phoenix Bracelet Scanner benefits from a link system which allows you to easily adapt the scanner to suit different weld sizes. The scanner can also be configured with either one probe for single-sided inspections or linked with a second probe for dual-sided inspections.

Designed for use in areas with limited access, the Phoenix Bracelet has a height of 13mm. With such a low radial height, the Bracelet can be easily fed around the pipe and past any obstructions. This can be particularly useful if only half the pipe is accessible. The Bracelet also benefits from excellent axial grip thanks to the rubber coated wheels.

Compatible with industry standard phased array probes and flaw detectors, the Phoenix Bracelet Scanner is available to rent on its own or with the Olympus OmniScan.

  • Techniques: Phased Array, ToFD
  • Pipe size from: 0.5"
  • Probes: Single or dual
  • Low radial height of 13mm means the scanner can be fed easily around the pipe and past any obstructions
  • Circumferential weld inspection