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Phoenix ISL Sp-Arc Corrosion Mapping Scanner

Available for rental/hire from Ashtead Technology - the Phoenix ISL Sp-Arc Corrosion Mapping Scanner.

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Sp-Arc is a unique mapping tool for measuring wall thickness longitudinally along small bore ferritic pipes, enabling continuous corrosion assessment along unlimited lengths. The scanner houses a curved ultrasonic array probe immersed in a water box with a compliant, low-friction foam seal.

The innovative design of the Sp-Arc scanner provides fast, continuous ultrasonic corrosion mapping of a sector of the pipe circumference. A single adjustable buggy operates on pipes from 1” – 4” NPS.

At the core of the scanner is an irrigated water box housing a curved ultrasonic array probe, set concentric to the pipe surface. The water box seals to the pipe using a soft foam, coated with a low-friction protective layer to improve both wear resistance and durability. The foam seals are a simple and inexpensive component to replace. Dedicated water boxes for specific pipe sizes are easily interchanged on the buggy to cover the full range of pipe diameters.

The Sp-Arc scanner is equipped with four high strength magnetic wheels, with their separation adjustable to suit the pipe diameter. In addition the transducer height is independently set to align the array to the pipe surface, making it simple, quick and easy to install and operate.

  • Techniques: Corrosion Mapping
  • Pipe size from: 1"
  • Probes: Single
  • Mapping tool for measuring wall thickness longitudinally along small bore ferritic pipes
  • Corrosion Mapping