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ROS PT25 Pan & Tilt

Available for rental/hire from Ashtead Technology - the ROS PT25 Pan & Tilt.

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Rugged pan and tilt unit with RS-485 Computer control to remotely orient camera systems, acoustic equipment, antennas, and other instrumentation.

Each axis includes a DC brushless stepper motor coupled to very low backlash harmonic gearing. It is designed to allow stalling of the output shafts without damage to the gears, the motors, or control electronics.

The RS-485 control enables the pan and tilts to be highly configurable and precision controllable. By using either the ROS positioner GUI (graphical user interface) or the ROS communication protocol for custom software integration, you have access to many features.

The PT-25 (DC) RS-485 pan and tilt is available in two versions: air-filled or oil-filled. Oil-filled units are used for deep water applications up to 3,000 meters depth. Air-filled units are used for shallow water applications up to 30 meters depth and are excellent for above water applications where rain, humidity and dust are issues.

  • RS-485 computer controlled for advanced features and control options
  • Absolute position moves, real-time position feedback, variable rotation speed and braking, and networkability of multiple pan and tilts
  • 61Nm / 45lb-ft of output torque on each axis
  • RS-485 allows communication over longer lengths of cable (01,000 feet) and enables multiple-node networking
  • A total of only four wires (two for power, two for communication) are needed to operate
  • The unit may also be controlled by an external joystick
  • Underwater inspection
  • Equipment and tool placement
  • Target identification & classification
  • Monitoring operations