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Satel Satelline 3ASxE Radio Modem

Available for rental/hire from Ashtead Technology - the Satel Satelline 3ASxE Radio Modem.

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The SATELLINE-2ASxE is a general-purpose radio modem with a number of user choices. Fully compatible with its predecessor, the SATELLINE-2ASx, it features a selection of all the commonly used channel widths (12.5 / 20 or 25 kHz). The transmission power of 1 Watt gives a connection range of 4 to 40 kilometres, depending on the topology.

With SATELLINE-2ASxE radio modems, a network operating in a Polling mode can be conveniently set up. The radio modem has three modes of operation: the Data transfer mode, the Programming mode and the Test mode. The operations menu also includes a Store and Forward function, which is useful in extending the connection ranges or securing risky connections.