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Sonardyne 6G Standard USBL & LBL Transponder and Modem

Available for rental/hire from Ashtead Technology - the Sonardyne 6G Standard USBL & LBL Transponder and Modem.

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Compatt 6 Standard is the positioning workhorse of the subsea construction industry. Its design, field proven in offshore developments around the world, offers the perfect balance between size, acoustic output and battery life. Several depth ratings are available starting at 3,000 metres, increasing to 5,000 metres and 7,000 metres. All are hard anodised Aluminium alloy with protective polyurethane sleeve. Depending on the application, Compatt 6 Standard can be configured with a wide variety of different endcap sensor options (including temperature, inclinometer, DigiQuartz pressure sensor) and a highly robust acoustic release to aid recovery at the end of an operation.

  • MF frequency band utilising Sonardyne Wideband 2 ranging and telemetry protocols
  • Dramatically faster and easier to set-up, calibrate and operate
  • More robust performance in shallow water and reverberant environments around structures etc
  • Real time diagnostics available on ranges to enable quality control
  • Reduced mutual interference to further improve simultaneous ops
  • Advanced multi-user / multi-vessel capability
  • More than 500 unique Sonardyne Wideband 1 and 2 addresses
  • Sonardyne Wideband 1 and HPR 400 navigation compatible
  • Automatic power-down if not used for a programmable period
  • Integrated modem mode with data rates ranging from 100 to 9000 bits per second in multiple frequency bands
  • Highly reliable release mechanism
  • Omni or directional transducer
  • Standard sensors – temperature, pressure and MEMS inclinometer
  • Optional sensors – Paroscientific DigiQuartz pressure sensor, inclinometer and sound velocity
  • Battery disconnect fob allows quick battery disconnection
  • Field proven
  • Long baseline positioning
  • Spool piece metrology
  • Pipeline lay-down
  • Subsea structure placement