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Sonardyne SPRINT-Nav 500

Available for rental/hire from Ashtead Technology - the Sonardyne SPRINT-Nav 500.

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SPRINT-Nav provides all-in-one navigation for subsea vehicles and survey operations by combining solid state dual Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS) and Inertial Navigation System (INS) (and optional Lodestar AHRS only), a Syrinx Doppler Velocity Log (DVL) and a high accuracy pressure sensor in a single housing. The result is one of the smallest combined inertial navigation instruments on the market.

All onboard sensors are optimally integrated to provide seamless operation and unprecedented levels of performance compared with standalone instruments from different vendors.

The unit requires no calibration for all but the most demanding applications with ultra-tight mechanical alignment.

SPRINT-Nav’s inertial dual AHRS & INS algorithm capability is unique in the market and allows for automatic on-board integrity checking between algorithms and instantaneous INS start up with North alignment from the onboard AHRS. This capability allows for simultaneous use from one instrument, e.g. AHRS plus DVL for ROV piloting, INS plus DVL for survey operations.

Tight beam-level DVL aiding for the onboard INS with optimal timing and use of proprietary QC metrics provides higher performance and more reliable navigation in demanding bottom-lock environments.

Export of SPRINT-Nav is simplified as compared to other separate DVL and INS units. For example, shipping from outside the USA does not require a reexport licence.

Each DVL transducer is fitted with a full depth rated water block to ensure protection of the internal components.

SPRINT-Nav can be interfaced via a single connection and/or the internal sensors can be interfaced separately depending on requirements.

Continuous on-board data storage supports post-mission diagnostics and post-processing.

  • All-in-one subsea navigation
  • SPRINT-Nav provides dual concurrent AHRS, INS and DVL output capability for multi-use
  • 0.1º (Lodestar) to <0.04º (SPRINT) secant latitude heading accuracy
  • 0.01º roll and pitch accuracy
  • 5 minute AHRS settling time
  • Dual AHRS & INS algorithms allowing internal health check of orientation & instantaneous initialisation of INS with no alignment procedure
  • Small form factor – easier mounting
  • Proven long life inertial sensors from trusted long term US supplier
  • Remote diagnostics and performance verification using onboard logging
  • Lodestar-Nav AHRS can be remotely upgraded to SPRINT-Nav INS providing commercial and operational flexibility
  • Fully water blocked DVL endcap protecting internal electronics
  • 0.01% full scale removable pressure sensor module
  • 0.4–175 m DVL operating range