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Teledyne SeaBotix LBV200-4 MiniROV System

Available for rental, hire and purchase from Ashtead Technology - the Teledyne SeaBotix LBV200-4 MiniROV System.

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The SeaBotix LBV200-4 ROV is an extremely stable and highly maneuverable platform - the most capable and adaptable system of its size.

This original benchmark ROV has 4-axis maneuverability via powerful brushless DC thrusters and is supplied with a choice of intuitive and rugged control consoles.

The LBV200-4 offers a range of sensor and tooling choices which include HD video, scanning, imaging and profiling sonar, tracking system, grabber and cutting tool plus many other options; and so provides a turnkey solution for a wide range of demanding applications and challenging situations.

The LBV200-4 is depth rated to 200 m (660 ft) and is supplied with tether and storage reel complete with integrated slip ring, a choice of high resolution video cameras and LED lighting plus depth, heading and temperature sensors. The vehicle can also be supplied as part of a fly-out package to operate from a manned-submersible, Work Class ROV or tracked trencher, etc.

  • 4-Axis maneuverability
  • 200 meter (660 ft) depth rating
  • Powerful brushless DC thrusters
  • 180° camera tilt
  • High intensity LED tracking camera
  • Flexible sensor platform
  • Integrated control console
  • Small diameter low drag tether
  • 8.9 mm (0.35 in) nominal
  • Demanding offshore work environment
  • Shallow water inspections
  • Internal long line inspections
  • Search and recovery, forensic studies