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Teledyne TSS MAHRS System

Available for rental/ hire from Ashtead Technology - the Teledyne TSS MAHRS System.

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MAHRS (Meridian Attitude & Heading Reference System) is a master heading reference instrument employing the characteristics of a dynamically tuned gyro (DTG), the effect of gravity and the earth's rotation to produce exceptional heading performance. This is combined with a Dynamic Motion Sensor (DMS) to provide accurate attitude measurement readings.

MAHRS has been designed to provide reliable maintenance free operation. The remarkably stable heading performance can be maintained for turn rates in excess of 200°/s making the system ideal for use on fast survey craft and in river/harbor environments.

The unit provides 0.2° secant latitude RMS dynamic heading accuracy as well as 0.03° RMS (for a 5° amplitude) or 0.05° RMS (for a 45° amplitude) dynamic roll and pitch accuracy to offer the full AHRS performance.

  • Innovative design with state-of-the-art motion sensors and DTG elements
  • Attitude and heading in all dynamics
  • Fast 40 minute settle time
  • 0.2° heading accuracy
  • 0.03° roll and pitch accuracy
  • Dynamic turn rates of up to 200° per second
  • Small, lightweight and versatile
  • Maintenance free
  • MTBF >30,000 hours
  • Survey vessels