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Tinsley 5915 Tone Generator

Available for rental/ hire from Ashtead Technology - the Tinsley 5915 Tone Generator.

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The Tinsley Electroding Generator, type 5915, has been developed with British Telecom to locate Submarine Telephone Cables. The method employed is the well established electroding technique. The unit is self-contained, desk top mounting, enabling tests to be carried out without the power feed connected to the cable under test.

The 5915 Tinsley Electroding Generator is intended as an aid to cable repair ships in locating and identifying telephone cables. The Electroding Generator energises the Submarine Cable with a low frequency sine wave signal of up to 500mA at 500 Volts peak to peak. The Electroding Generator is located in the terminal station normally nearest to the fault area and connected to the cable under test by means of two safety probes built-in the instrument.