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Tritech PA500 Bathy Altimeter

Available for rental/ hire from Ashtead Technology - the Tritech PA500 Bathy Altimeter.

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Tritech’s digital precision altimeters offer configurable design with a wide range of options available. OEM configurations include, for example, low magnetic signature rigid Delrin™ (Plastic) housings or supplied with a right-angled transducer.

Output for the PA500 can either be simultaneous analogue and digital outputs, allowing them to be interfaced to a wide range of PC devices, (including operated through Tritech’s data acquisition and logging software, Seanet Pro), data loggers, ROV telemetry systems and multiplexers.

The 500kHz PA500 Altimeter is supplied with Tritech’s 700 series bathy.

In addition, Tritech’s altimeters are supplied with AltTest diagnostic software which provides a simple way of communicating with Tritech altimeters and displays real-time current and average data. AltTest is compatible with all configurations of the Tritech PA500 altimeter.

  • Millimetre resolution capability
  • Use for distance measurement
  • Compact and low weight
  • Various connector options
  • Highly configurable design
  • Analogue output
  • Digital output
  • Free running output
  • Interrogated output
  • Optional low operating voltage
  • 700m, 4000m or 6800m ratings
  • ROV and AUV altitude
  • Under ice measurement
  • Integration with oceanographic sensors
  • Low cost hydrographic surveys
  • Integration with bathymetric systems
  • Touchdown monitoring of subsea structures
  • Wave height measurement
  • Monitoring of scouring on bridge supports