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Vortex Electric Gas & Liquid Sampler

Available for rental, hire and purchase from Ashtead Technology - the Vortex Electric Gas & Liquid Sampler.

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The vortex mini gas sampling tool is designed to capture gas and liquid samples in a subsea environment and recover said samples to the surface in a low pressure state of no more than 14psi (0.96bar) by means of an electro mechanical operated syringe to ingest sample then purge sample into a sample bottle after recovery to surface.

This tool is designed to be deployed from the surface with the syringe bled of air immediately upon entering the water. Sample filling relies on the suck and blow pumping motion created by the syringe and associated relief valves. Sample taken can be discharged or cycled out of the syringe whilst under water if necessary.

  • 3000m / 9842ft depth rated
  • Mount to any ROV
  • Able to discharge sample subsea
  • Capture, contain and recover liquid
  • Capture, contain and recover gas