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Vortex Multi Cutter

Available for rental, hire and purchase from Ashtead Technology - the Vortex Multi Cutter.

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Vortex multi cutter is a flexible hydraulic cutter. This cutter stands out from many others in the market as it comes with multiple blade options, making it suitable for cutting a wide range of materials from steel pipe (up to 150mm), steel wire rope (up to 75mm), fibre rope (up to 160mm), casing, dyneema and aluminium to mooring lines (up to 160mm), dredge hose (up to 150mm diameter) and hydraulic hose etc.

Can be used as a full grab cutter or a basic half blade cutter, with or without grab handles, and can also be operated in air. It is powered by the proven Vortex dredge motor / mechanical sealing system for continued, oil tight reliability.

  • Can be used in air
  • Full grab or half blade cutter
  • Unrestricted operating depth
  • No coupling compensator required
  • Multiple blade options
  • Dyneema rope cutting
  • Hydraulic hose cutting
  • Cable cutting
  • Steel pipe cutting
  • Anchor chain cutting