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Wachs Subsea Guillotine Saw

Available for rental/hire from Ashtead Technology - the Wachs Subsea Guillotine Saw

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E.H. Wachs family of portable Guillotine® reciprocating saws are designed to cold cut 2” through 32” (DN50-800) pipe, conductors, structures and solids such as beams, bar stock and rails. The four Guillotine models available from smallest to largest are the Super C, Model D, Super D and Goliath®. They provide fast, accurate cutting for contractors, water departments, gas companies, refineries, petrochemical and processing plants, and anywhere a fast simple cut is needed. In use virtually everywhere, they’re strong yet light, simple to mount, simple to operate and simply bulletproof.

The Guillotine’s rugged steel and aluminium construction is designed to deliver years of trouble free, reliable service. All Guillotines use an orbital cutting motion that lifts the blade on the return stroke, dramatically extending blade life. And when the cutting blades finally do need changing, they’re easily replaced. Since its introduction in 1953 E.H. Wachs Guillotines have remained the benchmark in industrial grade reciprocating saws. It’s no wonder that when pipe saws are first mentioned, the “Wachs Saw” is mentioned first.

Wachs Guillotine saws set up quickly, using a positive chain mounting system with a machined cast iron “V” saddle for perfectly square cuts. They can be mounted horizontally, vertically or anywhere in between, and come standard with finger-tip feed control for ease of operation. The saws require minimal operating clearances, in fact as little as 2.5” (63.5mm) to one side of a Super C.

Available with pneumatic and hydraulic drive motor options, select Guillotine models including the Goliath can be optionally equipped with autofeed or autoclamping mechanisms (with Rapid Retract), or with both. This allows the machine to be remotely controlled from a distance via Wachs Manifolds or by the UCP-3 Universal Control Panel that controls the feed rate, the cutting speed and the clamping hydraulics.

  • Rugged yet compact design requires minimal clearances
  • Four models cut from 2” to 32” (DN50-800)
  • Easy fingertip feed control, quick change blades
  • Fast setup and cutting, both horizontally and vertically
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic drive options
  • Optional autofeed and autoclamping on select models
  • Pipe cutting