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Webtool HP690 Intensifier Panel

Available for rental/ hire from Ashtead Technology - the Webtool HP690 Intensifier Panel.

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Designed for safety, the Webtool™ HP690 intensifier features a unique hydraulic circuit that automatically releases the pressure on the output side as soon as the input pressure is removed, making it safe to use for all double acting tools including the Webtool™ range of high pressure cutters and grippers. The safety features ensure that problems caused by pressure build up due to surfacing or temperature rise are eliminated. It also simplifies the operating procedures for many double acting tools, removing the need for the operator to reverse the flow before surfacing. It will also release the pressure to the tool in the case of HPU failure.

The HP690 hydraulic intensifier panel can be used with all Webtool™ cutting and gripping tools and is also compatible with third party equipment. The HP690 is suitable for double acting circuits, and contains a user adjustable pressure relief valve as well as the industry standard minibooster intensifier with a range of pressure intensification ratios. When using a 3.2:1 intensifier, the maximum output pressure of 690bar (10,000psi) is achieved with an input pressure of 215bar (3,120psi).

  • Compact and robust
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Recessed pressure gauges
  • Can be used at any water depth
  • Dual pressure gauges
  • Compatible with 2 port hotstabs
  • No additional drain port is required
  • High pressure cutting operations