Aaron Leggat has relocated from Aberdeen to Houston as he develops his career within Ashtead Technology. Find out how more about Aaron’s journey, both in development and location. 

Tell us about your time at Ashtead Technology so far

After completing my HND (Higher National Diploma) in electrical and electronic engineering, I was approached by two of my friends from Ashtead Technology who suggested I join the team. I started first as a trainee workshop technician.

By demonstrating a strong worth ethic and determination, I was quickly able to grasp the intricacies of the specialist subsea survey equipment we offer. This led to opportunities to lead various teams within Ashtead Technology’s Survey and Robotics workshop, in Aberdeen. The experience was great for my my leadership skills and developing my ability to manage tight deadlines. With Ashtead Technology’s continuous support, I gained the confidence to take the next step in my career and accepted the offer to join the team in Houston as Workshop Supervisor.

What prompted your decision to transition from Senior Onshore Survey Technician in Aberdeen to Workshop Supervisor in Houston?

I greatly valued my experience in Aberdeen, but I was eager to step outside my comfort zone and expand my skill set. Moving to Houston felt like the right step for my career, opening numerous opportunities for growth. I’ve always enjoyed travelling, and this rare opportunity came at the perfect time in my life. The vibrant networking scene in Houston appealed to me, as it allows me to establish a global presence beyond Aberdeen. I believe my team and I will work well together, delivering excellent products and services to our clients. 

What responsibilities does your new role entail?
As the Workshop Supervisor, I oversee all workshop operations, including inspections, repairs, and goods dispatch. I provide training and upskilling opportunities to ensure our work quality is maintained and continuously improved. I have implemented a new stock system to maintain sufficient inventory levels for our projects. Additionally, I meet with clients to support their projects, delegate workloads, and complete training matrixes for all workshop staff. This broader responsibility allows me to develop a deeper understanding of the workshop’s dynamics and our customers’ needs, contributing strategically to the business’s overall success.

What ambitions have you still got to fulfil professionally in your career?

Beyond the excitement of relocating and experiencing a new culture (and yes, the better weather!), I’m particularly enthusiastic about learning about the operational intricacies of our business from a different perspective offering. This new role also presents a unique opportunity for me to engage with customers across the USA.

My immediate focus was on excelling both for our customers and the company. I hold a long-term vision for continued advancement within the organisation, and am open to exploring new opportunities and challenges that may arise in the future.

What advice would you give to anyone contemplating an advancement in their professional role?

Career advancement often requires embracing new challenges. My relocation was driven by a desire for professional growth. For those considering a similar path, I would suggest do some research to ensure the role aligns with your long-term goals. Ashtead Technology has been incredibly supportive during my move, prioritising my professional development and providing valuable support.