Automated video and ultrasonic testing and inspection


To upgrade Aquaterra’s AquaCLAM offshore platform casing cleaning tool to include automated corrosion and video inspection capabilities. The AquaCLAM is deployed topside by rope access teams where it cleans the casing using high pressure water jetting prior to inspection being carried out.


Ashtead Technology designed and supplied a bespoke ultrasonic corrosion mapping system capable of recording wall thickness both in air and under water. The system delivery included design of the UT electronics and software along with the design of a custom transducer deployment configuration. The inspection system incorporated mapping and reporting software to ensure consistent and reliable client reporting.

A bespoke video monitoring system complete with a digital video recorder was included within the package and was fully integrated with the corrosion mapping system.

Our design and development engineers managed the delivery of the package and developed the system operation and maintenance documentation along with detailed factory acceptance testing procedures.

Our in-house design and engineering capability ensured that all requirements were delivered as a fully integrated package for a one-stop-shop approach. Our extensive knowledge of non-destructive testing and visual inspection equipment delivered the most reliable, fit for purpose, and cost-effective solution.

Benefits and value

The completed package was delivered to Aquaterra in February 2021. This was the first time a topside/ subsea ultrasonic testing system had been successfully integrated into an external casing cleaning tool of this type.

The integrated AquaCLAM inspection tool improves safety and reduces costs on a project as it removes the requirement for rope access NDT inspection personnel. In addition as the system can complete inspections in the splash zone and below the water line additional safety and cost benefits can be achieved by reducing the requirement for divers and/or ROVs.