Decommissioning of Southern North Sea assets


Ashtead Technology’s Mechanical Solutions specialists were tasked with removing ageing subsea assets as part of platform decommissioning works on the UKCS.


With the ongoing shift to renewable energy sources, the UKCS presents many opportunities for the safe and efficient decommissioning of subsea assets.

Ashtead Technology’s Mechanical Solutions offering specialises in providing a range of in-house designed and engineered cutting, coating removal and dredging solutions; making us a compelling choice for a client looking to remove aged infrastructure from the LOGGS and CMS areas of the Southern North Sea.

Following consultation with the client, a tailor-made package was created for this workscope, to be operated on-site by 6 of Ashtead Technology’s Mechanical Solutions technicians. The package comprised of diamond wire saws in 11in, 22in and 42in size configurations, two hydraulic shears in MSD-2000 and MS-4000 specifications, and both 8in and 12in dredges, with a host of ancillary equipment to ensure reliable and effective performance.

In total, 239 cutting operations were carried out, with 124 dredging hours during this campaign.

Benefits and value

With 13 different cutting locations included in the scope, this diverse package was fitted to the client’s exact requirements. Ashtead Technology’s team of 6 technicians worked alongside the client, ensuring personnel continuity on staggered crew changes and improving operational safety.

This methodology allowed the site to be quickly prepared for work, effective action to be taken during the work scope, and safe removal of equipment from the area of operations following project completion.


“The success of this project was in no small part down to the excellent teamwork on the vessel between Ashtead Technology and our client when using our tailored solutions.”

“Both the vessel and client staff were supportive and receptive to our technical guidance, ensuring that we could focus on successfully carrying out the scope in compliance with project and QHSE requirements.”

“Special thanks must also go to our client for their robust COVID-19 protection measures, ensuring a safe operating environment for everyone.”

“Ashtead Technology is delighted to be of use in this decommissioning project, and aims to continue its relationship with this client internationally.”

Fraser Collis
Product Development Manager