Deflection Monitoring System assists subsea template installation


Ashtead Technology’s Asset Integrity team has the expertise, technical know-how and skills required to assist customers in the construction, installation and maintenance of offshore assets.

For this project, we were contracted by a tier one energy services company to deliver monitoring services for a subsea template installation.

Deflection Monitoring System


Ashtead Technology’s Deflection Monitoring System (DMS) was used to capture critical data required to safely deploy a subsea template in water depths of 110m. The DMS monitors structure deflection, heading, pitch, roll, depth and suction at differential pressures, in real-time.

The DMS is a bespoke solution designed and engineered in-house by Ashtead Technology.

On-site installation and operation is carried out by Ashtead Technology’s team of highly-experienced technicians.

Benefits and value

The customer benefited from Ashtead Technology’s assistance in installing the system on the subsea template prior to loadout onto the installation vessel. A full system verification test was carried out prior to this, while the use of Ashtead Technology’s in-house calibration service ensured that the levelling sensors were fully optimised to the installation depth, enabling maximum levelling and deflection monitoring performance.

Ashtead Technology utilised a range of measurement sensors, positioning tools and bespoke software to enhance the accuracy of the data collected, ensuring maximum performance of the system.

The DMS minimised the risk of structural damage throughout the installation and allowed informed decisions to be made during critical operations, ensuring safety requirements were met.