Dredging operations in New York harbor


Ashtead Technology was tasked by Madcon Corporation to support the dredging of a 26in pipeline for inspection and repairs in New York Harbour, New York city.


Ashtead Technology’s Mechanical Solutions experts create custom-built solutions tailored to the exact requirements of the client. The objective of the client was to remove sand sediment 50 feet away from the pipeline in 40 feet of water, with as little displacement of sediment into the water column as possible. As a result, no air lifts or jetting could be used.

Ashtead Technology supplied a Vortex 6in Easy Dredge with a 30m suction hose for this task, as the dredge had to be easy to use, simple to set up and capable of backfilling the exposed pipeline with the removed sediment once the necessary repairs were made.

The Vortex Easy Dredge system significantly reduces operational expenditure thanks to its simple plug and play operation. With a diver-operated reversal valve and jetter, operators have full control over dredging power as well as on/off operation in the water.

Benefits and value

The customer was satisfied with the level of performance delivered by the dredge system, noting that the working area was ‘easily cleared out’ with minimal impact to the area surrounding the site thanks to the Vortex Easy Dredge. The 6in dredge was easily manipulated and moved around the worksite by divers, with the reversal valve allowing any clogging to be cleared out quickly and effectively.


“With the client requiring safe and effective dredging capabilities in such a historically and economically-important location, it was vital that we selected the most appropriate solution for their needs. The Vortex dredge exceeded client expectations and had a measurable impact on the client’s project. We at Ashtead Technology look forward to supporting their continued requirements in the future.”

Steven Thrasher
Regional Vice President for the Americas, Ashtead Technology