Long baseline spread for Trans-Adriatic Pipeline


The Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) is a midstream industry project, transporting gas from the Caspian Sea via Greece and Albania across the Adriatic Sea to the Puglia region of Italy onwards into Western Europe. With an initial capacity of 10 Bcm of gas per annum, the pipeline will also be able to ‘reverse flow’ if required.

Ashtead Technology’s considerable survey-led expertise made us the ideal partner to create tailored spreads suited to each stage of the project. Following close consultation with the client, it was clear that an array of durable, high-performance survey solutions were required.

The offshore section of the 878 km pipeline measures 105 km, with Ashtead Technology’s considerable site survey experience relied upon to ensure a robust and successful installation process. An offshore supply ship carried out a pre-lay survey in 2019, with pipelay support for touch down monitoring carried out a year later, before a post-lay survey wrapped up the scope later in 2020.


Our survey experts devised a multipurpose ROV skid housing an array of survey sensors, including a Kongsberg Hi-Pap 350P, USBL, MBES ET 2000 and ET 2200 side scan sonar and sub-bottom profiler, as well as a long baseline (LBL) spread and HD still image cameras.

With over 36 years in survey equipment expertise, Ashtead Technology technicians worked alongside the client to create an effective, tailored solution for them which effectively covered all side scan, sub-bottom and LBL requirements.

Benefits and value

The client benefited from Ashtead Technology’s position as a single-source supplier of technology and services, giving the client a trusted partner throughout and access to the market’s leading technologies.

In addition, Ashtead Technology’s in-house fabrication and machining capabilities proved essential in meeting the client’s short deadlines. With custom design, fabrication, precision machining and assembly capabilities, the ROV skid was engineered exactly to the requirements of the scope – enabling a tailored solution and enhancing overall operational productivity.


“We have worked hard to create a class-leading selection of umbilical and cable survey solutions, backed by decades of practical experience and industry knowledge.”

“Our technical teams can package and integrate systems onto a range of towed and ROV platforms, ensuring instrument cross-capability while removing the risk of data corruption and downtime.”, but also to deliver tangible improvements to client projects worldwide.”

Ross MacLeod
Technical Director