Ashtead Technology offers an extensive range of equipment available for rental or sale.

Ashtead Technology’s rental equipment is available from all of our facilities, ready for local or international mobilisation.

To ensure we continue to offer the most technologically advanced equipment available, we regularly update our stock with new and enhanced products. With this commitment to modernise our rental fleet in line with the needs and demands of our clients, we have a number of tools and instruments available for ex-sale at discounted prices.

All of our equipment undergoes an extensive workshop inspection and is put through rigorous quality assured test procedures prior to being dispatched. We can also offer service, warranty and calibration packages.

Equipment portfolio

Ashtead Technology boasts the largest independent equipment rental fleet in the industry with over 21,800 assets. Our portfolio of rental equipment covers a wide spectrum of applications, which are categorised below.


Mechanical and cold cutting equipment developed to cut caissons, pipelines, tubular structures and subsea jackets.


Dredging systems designed for the de-burial and clearance of debris, sediment and soil across a range of applications.


Comprehensive fleet of HSE equipment including analysers, detectors, meters and samplers.


Equipment for seabed sub-bottom profiling, geomagnetic mapping, surface mapping for marine survey.


Survey equipment for all aspects of seabed mapping.


Extensive fleet of cutting and hydraulic tools suited to decommissioning projects.


Meteorological sensors for the monitoring of wind, wave, water current and tidal conditions.

Mooring inspection

Equipment used to inspect and manage the integrity of offshore mooring assets.

Non-destructive testing

NDT equipment for corrosion mapping, weld inspection, flaw detection and hardness testing.


Subsea and topside equipment for accurate positioning during offshore projects.

Remote visual inspection

Extensive range of camera equipment for deploying in hazardous and inaccessible areas.

ROV survey sensors

Equipment enabling high specification ROV surveys and subsea inspection.

ROV tooling

Extensive fleet of ROV tooling systems for all types of subsea projects requiring ROV intervention.

Subsea inspection

Advanced systems used to measure, record and inspect subsea assets in the harshest of conditions.

Subsea sensors

Subsea sensors for monitoring and improving integrity of subsea assets.


Full range of land surveying equipment for geospatial applications.

Exclusive partners

We have exclusive global agreements in place with a number of leading equipment manufacturers to ensure we continue to offer the latest, most efficient technologies to our clients.

Reseller partners

We have reseller agreements in place with a number of leading equipment manufacturers to ensure we continue to offer the latest, most efficient technologies to our clients.

Asset management

Ashtead Technology provides a range of asset management services to the subsea and onshore environmental monitoring and inspection sectors.

Ashtead Technology offer unrivalled asset management for our clients, which include calibration services, full pre-mobilisation configuration, post mobilisation maintenance and repair in addition to 24/7 support and secure storage facilities.

We offer the options for clients to allow their fleet to be managed by us creating revenue-earning potential for otherwise underutilised assets.

Our state of the art calibration laboratories are accredited by DNV ISO 9001:2015 and work to traceable international standards and procedures.

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