Endoscope rental/hire

Endoscope rental/hire from Ashtead Technology

Endoscope rental/hire

Our wide range of endoscopes are ideal for use in a number of industries including Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Wind and Process Industries, the range includes the latest remote visual inspection technologies available from leading manufacturers Olympus and GE.

A number of probe lengths and tip diameters are available within the fleet meaning we can support you with various inspection requirements. Probe lengths start from 1.2m up to 30m and tip diameters start from 2.4mm.

Stereo measurement tips are also available with select videoscopes, allowing you to measure the length, distance, depth, point-to-line, the non-perpendicular length and area of an indication. Learn more about stereo measurement tips here.

Stereo measurement technology uses a prism to split images, allowing the camera to capture left and right views with a precise angle of separation. The software then analyses the position of user-placed cursors, applies a triangulation geometry calculation and returns an accurate measurement.

The ability to rent allows you to top up your own equipment during busy periods and quickly source replacement units if your own equipment isn’t available. It also means you can trial new technologies and techniques without making the initial investment.

Why partner with Ashtead Technology?

  • Our fleet can support you with the inspection requirements for a number of applications.
  • We constantly invest in our fleet to ensure we can offer you the latest technology.
  • Equipment goes through rigorous pre-hire checks to ensure when it arrives with you it’s in full working order.
  • We work with a network of couriers to ensure we can ship equipment on a same or next day delivery.
  • If you appoint us as your preferred supplier we can offer exclusive discounts and custom price lists.

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Endoscope rental/hire range

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