Analyst consensus

The below consensus is as of 15 February 2024.

Consensus information – disclaimer

As a courtesy to its shareholders and other stakeholders, Ashtead Technology Holdings PLC (“Ashtead Technology”) shall collate and publish analysts’ consensus forecasts for the performance of Ashtead Technology.

Ashtead Technology is currently followed by Numis Securities, Canaccord Genuity, RBC Capital Markets, Peel Hunt, Berenberg, Liberum Capital research and Stifel. Therefore the Company compiled consensus forecast is based on the average forecasts of Numis Securities per their latest research report dated 30 November 2023, Canaccord Genuity per their latest research report dated 1 December 2023, RBC Capital Markets per their latest research report dated 1 December 2023, Peel Hunt per their latest research report dated 1 December 2023, Berenberg per their latest research report dated 4 December 2023, Liberum Capital per their latest research report dated 5 December 2023 and Stifel per their initiation of coverage report dated 15 February 2024.

The consensus figures are not based on, nor do they represent, Ashtead Technology’s own opinions, estimates or forecasts and are compiled and published without comment from, or endorsement or verification by Ashtead Technology. The forecasts on which the consensus figures are based are the responsibility of the relevant analyst alone. Underlying figures exclude exceptional costs, FX gain/loss and amortisation.

By providing consensus figures, Ashtead Technology does not endorse, confirm or express a view on the consensus figures or any underlying analyst’s estimates. The consensus figures are provided for informational purposes only and are not intended to, nor do they, constitute investment advice or any solicitation to buy, hold or sell securities or other financial instruments. No warranty or representation, either express or implied, is made by Ashtead Technology or its affiliates, or their respective directors, officers and employees, in relation to the accuracy, completeness or achievability of the consensus figures and, to the fullest extent permitted by law, no responsibility or liability is accepted by any of those persons in respect of those matters. Ashtead Technology assumes no obligation to update, revise or supplement the consensus figures to reflect circumstances existing after the date hereof.