Meet the team – Rob Anderson, Senior Onshore Survey Technician

5 March 2024

Rob joined Ashtead Technology as an Onshore Survey Technician, later advancing to the role of Senior Onshore Survey Technician. Rob supports the Survey & Robotics Team through updating procedures, testing equipment, and offering internal workshop assistance when needed.

Tell us about your role here at Ashtead Technology

I joined the Survey & Robotics team 10 years ago, serving as an Onshore Survey Techician. Over the years, my role has evolved, which has led to working in several departments across the group, allowing for a well-rounded view of operations within the workshop.

My current responsibilities as a Senior Onshore Survey Technician include updating procedures for testing equipment, alongside providing internal support to the workshop where needed. Additionally, the workshop manager will assign me tasks to implement changes or improvements, to allow the workshop to run more efficiently.

What did you study at college and what interested you in this field?

After finishing my NC, I pursued my HNC/HND in Electronic Engineering at NESCol. My interest in this field was sparked by my studies in Physics and Technical Studies during school. Progressing to Electronics at NESCol allowed me to further this interest.

It also became quickly apparent that having a qualification in Electronic / Electrical or Mechanical was, and continues to be, a sought-after skill set within Aberdeen – allowing for various opportunities as my experience has developed.

What have been the positives to starting your career on a Trainee programme?

Being a trainee offers numerous advantages. It provides a valuable opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge in practical setting from more experienced members of staff and benefitting from mentorship throughout the process.

What do you enjoy about working in the Survey & Robotics Team at Ashtead Technology?

There are several different departments within the workshop, each requiring a different approach, meaning there is always something exciting happening.

I find running repairs particularly enjoyable as it requires a deeper understanding of how the equipment works and an aptitude for troubleshooting. There is always something new to learn, even with equipment that has undergone numerous repairs. This has been true for me through updating the procedures, as it entails research to ensure the accuracy and currency of information provided.

Can you share a piece of work you were part of that was a highlight of your career?

Updating the in-house procedures has been something that has been especially rewarding. It has allowed me to further my knowledge whilst also continuing to improve our already solid foundation, helping new and experienced technicians.

The difference it has made is already notable, and the team are enthusiastic when proposing improvements for the equipment they specialise in. This enables us to uphold and enhance the high standards expected by our clients.

What piece of advice would you give Trainee’s in their first role?

With a strong work ethic and a readiness to learn, this role offers an excellent opportunity to start your career. With a solid internal support system in place, there’s always an opportunity for continuous learning and growth at Ashtead Technology.

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