Advanced technology solutions for metocean measurement

22 June 2023

Before performing any work offshore it’s important to understand the effect the environment may have on your asset and installation campaign. The marine environment can be harsh and unpredictable which makes it difficult during front-end engineering of offshore infrastructure. Developing a better understanding of the impact of wind and waves ensures efficient installations and lifecycle extension.

At Ashtead Technology, we have extensive experience in providing advanced equipment and technology solutions for metocean survey applications, including weather and surface wave monitoring, underwater current profiling, tidal range, deepwater metocean measurements and long-term temperature monitoring.

We understand that the data collected is critical in developing safe, environmentally sustainable and commercially viable projects, and we take great care to ensure that our equipment is prepared and calibrated for each deployment against the highest standards. We provide turn-key instrumentation packages configured and tested at our facilities prior to deployment and 24hr technical support and system integration. Our technical team also receive regular manufacturer training for the operation and maintenance of these systems, ensuring we can provide the very best service to customers.

Our range of metocean equipment available to rent includes, a range of acoustic doppler current profilers (ADCP), deployment frames and floatation buoys, waverider buoys, acoustic releases, current meters, multiparameter water quality instruments, acoustic data telemetry, depth sensors, water samplers, sound velocity, tide gauges, and winches & handling systems.

Continued investment

In support of our commitment to the metoceanmarket and to meet our customers’ environmental survey requirements in this space, Ashtead Technology has further strengthened its subsea equipment rental fleet with investment in Directional Waverider 4 Buoys from Datawell.

The Waverider 4 Buoysintegrate wave and current measurements and are ideal for use in harsh marine environments. They can provide more than three years of continuous wave monitoring thanks to their high capacity internal batteries. A combination of three accelerometers, pitch/roll sensors and a fluxgate compass are used to provide robust and highly reliable spectral wave data.

Phil Middleton, Ashtead Technology’s Head of Survey & Robotics, said: “Metocean data is crucial to the success of offshore projects and with access to our metocean technology portfolio, we can help customers get the right information at the right time to enable them to make key decisions about field planning, design and development.

“Our commitment to investment in the metocean market is another great example of listening to our customers’ and ensuring we have the broadest and most technologically advanced subsea equipment from leading manufacturers, backed up by our extensive knowledge and expertise, to support their mission-critical operations.”

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