Ashtead Technology invests in the latest remote visual inspection technologies

6 February 2020

Ashtead Technology has recently invested in a major upgrade to its fleet of instruments for the advanced remote visual inspection of assets such as engines, turbines, aircraft, vehicles, processing plants, buildings and locations with limited access.

Recent investments include upgrades of the Olympus IPLEX videoscopes to the highly portable G-Lite, and upgrades to the IPLEX NX models to include 3D modelling.

Lightweight and rugged with powerful imaging capability, the G-Lite is the latest videoprobe from Olympus, delivering excellent image quality by employing the same technology as much larger systems.

By upgrading the IPLEX NX systems to include 3D modelling, Ashtead Technology has enabled its rental customers to create 3D models of inspection areas for intuitive flaw visualisation. This means that they will be able to see the precise shape of flaws in critical components and thereby make better decisions on repair requirements.

There are no minimum or maximum rental periods for the IPLEX systems. Depending on availability and location, they are normally available on a next or same-day delivery to support urgent inspection requirements.

Steven Drake, Ashtead Technology NDT Market Manager, said: “These investments are part of an ongoing strategy to continually acquire new technologies, so that our customers don’t have to.

“By offering a wide range of technologies, we can ensure that each customer employs the most appropriate instrument for every job, without a frequent requirement for capital expenditure.

“When customers contact us they expect us to have the solution they need, so we are constantly adding to and refining our rental fleet.

“Better quality images provide better reports, which inform better decisions, and with image streaming from videoprobe to tablet or mobile, it is possible for users to share live inspection results with colleagues and quickly gain a second opinion.”

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