Cygnus Ultrasonic FMD system benefits industry

22 June 2018

The Cygnus Ultrasonic FMD System has quickly been adopted by the subsea inspection industry as it proves to be an extremely reliable and effective tool for determining if subsea members are dry or flooded.

Ashtead Technology partnered with Cygnus Instruments in June 2018 in an exclusive arrangement to bring the FMD system to the International Rental Market, with ongoing hires for these systems currently mobilised from Ashtead’s Aberdeen, Houston and Singapore offices.

Ashtead clients are benefiting from this next generation FMD system’s advanced signal processing, advanced peak detection algorithm, low distortion / low noise data acquisition and easy to use reporting function.

Louis Pietranek, Westerton Access, said: “The new Cygnus Ultrasonic FMD System was perfect for our recent application. Our technicians found the software to be very easy to use with some features which ensured a quick and reliable result. It’s a great addition to the Westerton Access capability, offering FMD inspection from a Falcon ROV.”

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