3D modelling photogrammetry

Welaptega's 3D Modelling (3DM) service uses advanced photogrammetry to quantify the geometry of subsea components.

Our state of the art system is deployed offshore to generate dimensionally-accurate models. This technique is non-destructive and offers a full geometric analysis with a rapid turnaround time.

Results can inform further engineering assessments, including finite element and fatigue analysis, ensuring in-depth awareness of the condition of your subsea assets.

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Welaptega 3D Modelling (3DM)

Availability: Integrated service

3D modelling photogrammetry solutions

Welaptega incorporates market-leading technologies and innovative life of field services to help clients deliver complex projects around the world. Our specialisms include:

  • Digital stills photogrammetry
  • Inspection of wellheads, trees, manifolds, jacket structures and mooring components
  • Measurement of overall component dimensions; linear and angular offsets; radius of curvature; cross-sectional areas; depths, widths and heights and volume of material
  • Exportable models for finite element analysis (FEA)

3D modelling case study

BW Offshore, operators of the Sendje Berge FPSO, enlisted Welaptega’s expertise in obtaining detailed information on top chain dimensions both above and below the waterline.

Welaptega delivered cohesive and successful management of both topside and underwater inspection programs, with detailed 3D models suitable for dimensional, FEA and strength analysis.

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