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Oceaneering 4-Stage Hi-Flow Pump

Available for rental/hire from Ashtead Technology - the Oceaneering 4-Stage Hi-Flow Pump

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The Pump Set consists of two LP pumps and two HP Pumps. This pump set is controlled by an Oceaneering hydraulic control manifold. The pump set switches automatically through four modes, relative to the oil pressure at the time of operation.

The pump suction inlet is fitted with a 3 way ball valve. This valve allows the inlet fluid to be switched between two different sources of supply into a central supply to the pressure pumps. One inlet is fitted with an inlet filter to allow emergency suction from the sea, whilst the other could be connected to a tank, bladder or other source volume.

The ball valve may be positioned in two different configurations, depending on the location and connection requirements of the source volume.

Check valves are employed to ensure that the flow direction and pressure build up is maintained during pumping operations, and does not bleed back through the system when the pumps are stationary.

The hydraulic control manifold sequence the pump operations throughout the pressure cycle. This includes the transition from LP to HP with n o loss of flow. Should there be any pressure drop in the manifold will ensure that the pumps compensate accordingly.

The pump should be configured to effectively utilize the maximum ROV- HPU output.

1st - Serial Connection of the Hi-Flow Pump configuration is more effective for ROV-HPU output of 50 lpm -150 lpm. 2nd - Parallel Connection of the Hi-Flow Pump configuration is more effective for ROV-HPU output above 150 lpm.

  • Series high/low pressure pump arrangement
  • Automatic stage transfer
  • Emergency sea water suction design
  • Emergency override
  • Pumping & injection operations
  • Suction pump operations