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Oceaneering BOP Intervention Skid

Available for rental/hire from Ashtead Technology - the Oceaneering BOP Intervention Skid

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The BOP intervention skid provides a dedicated fluid supply for BOP function testing. It features a compact,modular design to support ROV maneuverability and is compatible with work class ROVs. Its bladder-style fluid storage tank and 50 hP duplex pump enable efficient function testing and accumulator charging.

Our BOP intervention skid includes a subsea intelligent display, inline pressure gauges, flow meters, and instrumentation to enable constant monitoring of output pressure and flow. The skid’s lightweight frame and compact footprint make adding tooling without removing skid possible.

Semi-annual factory recertification ensures the skid is operable and ready to support intervention. Safe and timely preventive maintenance and repairs are facilitated by the modular design.

  • Easily interfaces with all work class ROVs
  • Modular, lightweight design
  • Monitor output pressure and flow during function testing
  • BOP emergency shut in
  • Secondary BOP stack control