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Oceaneering Hydraulic Flying Leads

Available for rental/hire from Ashtead Technology - the Oceaneering Hydraulic Flying Leads

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Flying leads support the conveyance of hydraulic fluid and/or chemicals between subsea equipment. Oceaneering® hydraulic flying leads are designed to meet a project’s unique requirements and may incorporate either steel tubes or thermoplastic hose as primary conduits.

Combining the conduit section with a termination head weldment and the required ROV operable junction plate provides the customer with full functionality.

Oceaneering® hydraulic flying leads can be customized to suit requirements. Flying leads may include encased and extruded umbilical or can employ the versatility of a loose tube bundle configuration. Each flying lead configuration is designed to support identified field applications.

  • Proven, modular designs
  • ROV friendly
  • Extensive track record
  • Convayance of hydraulic fluids subsea
  • Convayance of chemicals subsea