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Oceaneering Torque Tool Gear Adapters

Available for rental/hire from Oceaneering Super Grinder Ashtead Technology - the Oceaneering Torque Tool Gear Adapters

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Torque tool gear adapters are designed to enable the operation of Class 5, 6, and 7 valves using a Class 4 torque tool. The adapters are fully compensated and can be left on the seabed during operations to increase efficiency in operations.

Torque tool gear adapters and their ability to be left subsea between uses saves operators valuable rig time. By deploying the required adapters subsea with a Class 4 torque tool, the need for the ROV to surface for multiple change outs is eliminated. The adapters can be used with any Class 4 torque tool and can be customized to suit a customer’s specific project requirements, including size and access restrictions.

  • Field proven design
  • No hydraulic connections
  • Easily handled by an ROV
  • Class 5 valve operations
  • Class 6 valve operations
  • Class 7 valve operations