Fabrication & machining

Our machine and fabrication capability is an extension of our custom engineering solutions service, predominately carried out by our Thainstone (Aberdeenshire, UK) and Broussard (Louisiana, Gulf of Mexico) facilities.

We manufacture diamond wire saws, miscellaneous cutting equipment, hydraulic power units and ROV tooling for the energy services sector. We can also provide machining services for one-off custom parts delivered to the highest standard and specification.

With many years’ experience in the energy sector providing subcontracting support to major Operators and service companies, we’ve amassed extensive experience in supplying all types of metal fabrication projects, working different materials from stainless-steel to aluminium fabrications and many more.

Featured technologies

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Metrology stands

Subsea baskets

Diamond wire saws

Manufacturing centre of excellence

Dedicated facility for the machining and fabrication of custom technology solutions to support our customers’ operations.

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