Marine growth removal


Ashtead Technology offer a range of field-proven marine growth removal (MGR) systems for cleaning soft and hard marine fouling from structures, such as vessel hulls, pipelines, subsea infrastructure and mooring chains.

Marine growth removal systems are also commonly used for cleaning monopiles located within offshore wind farms, prior to the installation and grouting of the transition piece. Using our in-house design and engineering capability, we specialise in the development of bespoke systems to meet unique project requirements across the energy services sector.

Compatible with a wide range of subsea structures and moorings, our solutions include mechanical and abrasive grit cleaning systems, ROV & diver operable cleaning tools and water jetting systems.

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Ashtead Technology subsea cleaning tool

Our new mini subsea cleaning tool (SCT) can be used by small work class and observation class ROVs that don’t have the benefits of large on-board HPUs.

Riser, umbilical and rope cleaning

Ashtead Technology’s riser/rope cleaning and inspection system (RCIS) is the most efficient method of cleaning flexible risers, umbilicals, power cables and fibre/wire moorings for integrity management and decommissioning.

ROV aqua-cavi

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Grit cleaning system

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520bar water jetting

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Riser Rope Cleaning and Inspection Tool

Subsea riser cleaning

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