Offshore wind


Driven by net zero targets, falling costs and improving technology, offshore wind is set to play a massive role in delivering the energy transition.

This increase in fixed and floating offshore wind development projects however has led to a growth in demand for marine engineering and support throughout the construction and operational life of new facilities.

Ashtead Technology specialise in a range of services throughout the lifecycle of a windfarm, to help our customers assure reliable, affordable and sustainable energy.

Pre-survey & support

Ashtead Technology offers an extensive array of packaged solutions covering a range of site survey applications. We also have a proven track record in optimising and integrating vessel mounted, towed and ROV deployed equipment solutions. These include sonars for bathymetric, side scan and sub-bottom and swath surveys, magnetometers, pipeline/ umbilical detection systems and geotechnical equipment.

We are specialists in providing multi-sensor multiplexed data solutions and can integrate many sensors over a single optical fibre or copper link allowing sophisticated applications to be rapidly and reliably configured. As part of our high quality service, we offer specialist technical advice, system integration and mobilisation along with trained and experienced offshore technicians to operate and maintain the systems throughout the survey project.

Foundation installation

As offshore wind farms move to increasing water depths and aim to operate with larger turbines, foundation designs have needed to adapt accordingly.

Ashtead Technology specialises in the provision of custom engineering systems and services for offshore wind foundation installation, often delivered in short timescales. Our teams provide specialist survey, positioning and monitoring services for foundation piling, such as grout monitoring, and a range of specialist cleaning and marine growth removal services to remove hard and soft fouling from a range of structures.

Operations & maintenance

Ashtead Technology’s range of inspection and monitoring services optimise uptime and reduce operational risks for offshore wind farms. Furthermore, our inspection monitoring solutions also enable the real-time and continuous integrity monitoring of assets to provide early indications of fatigue or failure. We can also develop custom engineering solutions to solve unique project challenges and optimise operational performance.


With a 20 year track record, Ashtead Technology are international experts in the provision of offshore decommissioning services for the energy sector. With one of the largest fleets of decommissioning tools and systems in the market, we specialise in ROV tooling, control and monitoring solutions, structure monitoring services, cutting systems and seabed dredging solutions.

We offer a complete service capability for the cutting and removal of renewable energy infrastructure and have a proven track record in the decommissioning of met masts, monopiles, tri-pile foundation structures and export cables.

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